The new QuickList home.

QuickList is being migrated to Gtk2 and the old quicklist home is no longer available. The next release of QuickList will be made from SourceForge and made available via this new QuickList home.

The new QuickList will continue using the plain text storage backend from v0.8.6 although XML may be supported later, along with SQLite. XSL conversions will provide simple support for existing data formats like Palm (pilot-qof) and embedded devices (gpe-expenses).

GTK2 utility for making lists of things.

QuickList allows novice and experienced users to keep track of "things" without any help from a system administrator. "Things" can be anything. Some examples include: bug lists, phone lists, restaurants, team members, calendars, cool URLs, chequebooks, fishing holes, CDs, etc. It is completely flexible.

QuickList makes lists in column format, much as they would appear in a spreadsheet. Quicklist can sort lists, search from them and generate printable reports from them.

Comma and tab delimited files can be imported and exported. In addition, html can be exported for publishing to the World Wide Web.

If you liked the Appleworks or Microsoft Works databases, you will like QuickList.


Changes in the Gtk2 version


The Gtk2 version of quicklist is being developed by Neil Williams. If any of the original QuickList team are interested in this new version, please contact me via SourceForge.

Downloading QuickList

Next release: 0.9.0 for Gtk2.

QuickList is now a SourceForge project: (quicklist).

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