quicklist File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
dialog_initial.c [code]Main code for the application window
dialog_initial.h [code]Application context handlers
dim_list_menu.c [code]Functions to dim out the various list mode menus
dim_list_menu.h [code]Functions to dim out the various list mode menus
doxygen_main_page.c [code]
edit.c [code]Functions for edit - cut, copy and paste
edit.h [code]
field.c [code]Add and edit fields (columns) in the GtkSheet
field.h [code]
filein.c [code]Read data from supported file formats
filein.h [code]
fileout.c [code]Export routines
fileout.h [code]
filter.c [code]
filter.h [code]
help.c [code]Load the help files and offer About.
help.h [code]
main.c [code]Utility and conversion functions
main.h [code]Temporary home for common routines
menus.c [code]
menus.h [code]
plugin.c [code]GModule Plugin system
plugin.h [code]GModule Plugin system
quicklist.c [code]Utility functions
quicklist.h [code]Utility functions
report.c [code]Report support (GtkHTML) - incomplete
report.h [code]
sort.c [code]Column sort
sort.h [code]Column sort
tools.c [code]
tools.h [code]
types.h [code]Main data structures for Quicklist
xmlmenu.h [code]

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